When Your Eyes Kissed Mine

Sunset over Kalbarri WA

Beyond The Clouds The Changing Years Araluen... a place of singing waters When Your Eyes Kissed Mine Footprints in Memory's Dust

Calming Music – By John Barnard

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When Your Eyes Kissed Mine – Complete album 1.11.48

Individual Tracks

1. A Prayer – 4.51
2. In My Silence – 9.15
3. Lift My Eyes From The Earth – 10.16
4. Maria (Sorrow, Joy, Love) – 12.47
5. Edge Of The Day – 12.44
6. When Your Eyes Kissed Mine – 11.57
7. You Opened The Window To My Soul – 9.14

The album is self explanatory and the titles speak for themselves.

I am not a religious person as such, but whilst composing these pieces I have been conscious of a spiritual presence many times which left a most profound effect on me. This spiritual awareness has been retold to me many times by others who find solace in my music.

Review: http://goo.gl/tTAl6r