Beyond The Clouds

Sunset over Kalbarri WA

Beyond The Clouds The Changing Years Araluen... a place of singing waters When Your Eyes Kissed Mine Footprints in Memory's Dust

Calming Music – By John Barnard

Beyond The Clouds’ is my debut album. It was two years in the making. I trace my life back to my childhood and try to remember those early years and the struggle I had with my emotions during an era when feelings were to be repressed and not displayed.

Every piece talks to you, releasing you from the stresses of everyday life.

I really hope that you receive comfort from this music, as I did when composing it. It has been described as an inspiring journey of personal triumph over adversity. Soothing piano and drifting strings invite you to relax and look at who you really are. Deeply moving, honestly introspective and highly inspiring, this music will nourish and enhance your life.

You may have to wait a few seconds for the tracks to load.

Beyond The Clouds – Complete album 1.06.55

Individual Tracks

The opening track ‘Hear My Voice’ is a plea for an audience. The lonely introduction is followed by a theme to which I wrote words that I kept reciting over and over, until the piece developed as I wished. It took hundreds of hours to achieve the right touch that I felt at the time, for the first few piano notes.

1. Hear My Voice 10.29

‘The Silent Hills Of Childhood’ is exactly how I recollect feeling as a young boy growing up in England, in a somewhat austere environment, repressed and unable to express my emotions for fear of ridicule. The fact that the next piece, ‘Riding The Storm’ follows immediately, is purely coincidental. I was so affected by this interpretation of my childhood that I held onto the last chord for too long and had to go to track 3, playing it entirely from memory, ending up a complete emotional mess after a 17 minute take.

‘Riding The Storm’ is riding the ’emotional’ storm that I was, by then, well into. This piece reflects the approach of the storm, followed by a temporary calm, then the flood of emotions, and finally the perfection of release from the prison of my mind.

2. The Silent Hills Of Childhood 7.43 & 3. Riding The Storm 9.14

The title track ‘Beyond The Clouds’ remains one of my cherished compositions. I felt as if I was flying. For some unknown reason the recording sounded better that the others, even though I had not changed my settings. I just flowed with it and it was some time before I came back, down to earth.

4. Beyond The Clouds 7.25

‘Reminiscing’ was my expression of grief over the death of my Grandfather when I was twelve. I used to look after him when he was nearing ninety. Just an old man, sitting in a pension flat, thinking about his past and feeling lonely. Used to take him to church and had to wake him up during the sermon as he started snoring. He taught me how to play chess.

5. Reminiscing 9.32

Thereafter follows ‘Why Is It So’, written when I was thinking generally over my past, the death of both my parents and the failure of so many relationships over the years.

6. Why Is It So? 4.52

‘Searching for Inner Peace’ was only intended to be an eight minute track, but a higher authority seemed to take over and convince me that I had to keep going. I finished it eighteen minutes later, shaking like a leaf at the fifteen minute mark in case I made a mistake. The tears started flowing soon after and when I had faded it out, I found myself completely undone, weeping uncontrollably for a couple of hours, realising that the album was finished after two years.

7. Searching For Inner Peace 17.39