The Changing Years

Sunset over Kalbarri WA

Beyond The Clouds The Changing Years Araluen... a place of singing waters When Your Eyes Kissed Mine Footprints in Memory's Dust

Calming Music – By John Barnard

I never had the opportunity of listening to that album for three months as I had borrowed equipment to record it on and I had to return it that night. When I eventually heard the CD,I thought, this is unbelievable, did I really do this. The enormity of my two year undertaking was gradually sinking in.

The completion of ‘Beyond The Clouds’ was exciting. I contacted all the newspapers and radio stations and succeeded in arousing the interest of several publications and attended live to air interviews. I really enjoyed all this and the results of my endeavours reflected in the amount of sales that were reported in my quarterly return of royalties. I thought “I must get a second album out as quickly as possible.”

I was falling into the trap of being more interested in the commercial aspect of my music than the healing properties. Anyway, I hastily formatted an idea for a second album, recorded it and sent it off to the recording company.

They knocked it back.

So I tried it again and sent it off… and they sent that one back too.

My journey, it seemed was far from over.

Meanwhile I was busily trying to promote ‘Beyond The Clouds’ whenever and wherever possible. Another year passed by.

I had messed around with a variety of compositions in the interim, but wasn’t in the frame of mind to approach the keyboard again. But one morning, I experienced a remarkably warm and content state of mind and I distinctly recall as if I was being shepherded to my studio, thinking, “there is a time for everything “.

Two weeks later I had completed ‘The Changing Years’.

Strange as it may seem, I had the titles of each track written down before even focusing on the compositions. I suppose I had been keen to continue my emotional healing, but as yet was unable to express the next stage musically. Now I realise why, as this album could not be created until I was ready to accept the enormous changes happening within my soul.

You may have to wait a few seconds for the tracks to load.

The Changing Years – Complete album 0.57.48

Individual Tracks

‘Be All of Who You Are’ is me telling me that I should be all of who I was (if that makes sense). I knew that inside of me was a gentle and compassionate person who wished to exhibit these qualities, but never knew how, without exposing myself to fear. I guess I also had a message for others to release their positive traits and get rid of the negatives.

The overwhelming drive with this album was to set the past free, and cross that barrier of fear. After all that is the only way to realise your dreams. This CD is the sleeping giant, the key to all ones answers, the link between misery and happiness, but only in ones own time. Without what is contained in ‘Beyond The Clouds’, this recording would not have been possible.

1. Be All Of Who You Are – 7.52

‘The Changing Years’ enabled me to come to terms with what I had been through, accept myself, and condition me for what was to follow. ‘Setting The Past Free’ was the most conflicting step in my life, but once done… Momentous. One can hear the build up on this particular track and the sense of relief felt at the end when I hit those chords with a majesty which even I didn’t know I had!

2. The Changing Years – 6.24

‘Setting The Past Free’ was inspired by a piece of bush poetry by my friend Les Mellet. This can be heard on the ‘Footprints In Memory’s Dust’ album.

3. Setting The Past Free – 9.32

‘The Winds of Time’ just happened as things do.

4. The Winds Of Time – 9.09

‘Beyond The Glass Wall’ has a very close and personal memory for me. It is the key to everything. It is trust, faith and belief all rolled into ten minutes and nine seconds. I’ve been looking out of that window for years and now was the time to discover the beauty that lay beyond it. And I did.

5. Beyond The Glass Wall – 10.07

The peace and tranquillity that I felt after putting this track down was amazing. It inspired me to ‘Look Yonder To My Future’ and still follow… ‘The Kindly Light Of Hope’

Never give up, don’t quit, dismiss failure… there is always hope.

6. Look Yonder To Your Future – 6.49
7. The Kindly Light Of Hope – 7.34

‘The Changing Years’ was composed a year after ‘Beyond The Clouds’. My journey continues and this album reflects a lifting of my spirit. The titles speak for themselves. It was time for me to look at who I really was and look forward to the future with renewed hope. This album is sensitive, moody and touching, with piano, flute and strings that connect with the inner self to promote positive outcomes. Following on from Beyond The Clouds, this is music to make you stop, feel and grow.