Recent Late Night Improvisations

These compositions are pieces that I have composed in the last 12 months or so. Most of them are spontaneous.

Some are played without any prior knowledge of where the melody is taking me, and some are minimally prior planned

On two occasions I have been inspired by words spoken on a TV show which prompted me to compose a tune to match those words… which then became the titles: such as ‘You Can Stay forever’ and ‘Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye’.

‘You Can Stay Forever’ inspired the production of a video by a brilliant artist Truus Kok-Dorsman (Truus1949) on YouTube. I have embedded the video on this page below to start off with.

‘Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye’ also originated from words spoken in a ‘soapie’ on TV. Reminded me of a heart breaking departure from New Guinea many years ago.

‘Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye’ (5.21)
‘If Only…’ (3.54)
‘Reflecting On Times Past (5.36)
‘Innocence’ (5.12)
‘Thanks for the Friendship’ (5.11)
‘Home Alone With My Thoughts’ (6.25) – (A Love Story!)
‘Forgiveness’ (7.41)
‘I Wish’ (5.54)
‘I Can’t Promise You’ (6.10)