Sunset over Kalbarri WA

Beyond The Clouds The Changing Years Araluen... a place of singing waters When Your Eyes Kissed Mine Footprints in Memory's Dust

Comforting Music – By John Barnard

Many thanks. Your donation is much appreciated. This music took years to accomplish and its primary purpose is to help those who need ‘Calming Music’ for a variety of reasons.

This music seems to help those who suffer from PTSD and Anxiety and have difficulty sleeping.

I am not contracted to any company or signed to any label. I simply wish to assist those in need.

I own the rights to ALL my music which is registered with the Australian Performing Rights Association.

If you wish to donate just enter the number… no $ sign.

My music is not for sale ‘per se’, however I would appreciate a donation in my ‘tip jar’ if you enjoyed listening to it!


John Barnard

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